Tuesday, 17 December 2013


I love Christmas- I love wreaths, I love holly, bells, nativities, the whole shebang. I've become a bit of a decoration snob since a) living in a house with bright yellow walls and b) discovering the interior decoration section of Pinterest, so coming back home to my little village and my childhood house filled with white and cream walls is the purest of all joys. Christmas decorations against neutral backgrounds therefore is pure bliss. I felt an intense need to photograph such lovely stuff and share it with the world, and where better to do that?

I've been back from university for three days and am definitely now in the Christmas spirit- mainly owing to my work at a local primary school preparing for the holiday season. I helped out there for two weeks over summer and felt a desperate need to return and see how the little beans were getting on. It's the best time of year to be in schools- not a lot of work going on, just lots of sewing, Christmas trees, Josephs and Marys flapping about all over the shop. The school I'm in is a Church of England school which for me makes it all the more festive- I love a good nativity and having the reason for the season on full show makes it all the more special. It's lovely to see little ones truly understanding that it's not just all about presents and food! Cuteness levels are at their peak, as who can resist watching 20 4 year olds singing Away In a Manger? Seriously, the only way to make it cuter would be to throw in some kittens and wrap them all in tinsel. Today I was given the best Christmas card I've ever had from one of my 6 year olds, and I nearly welled up. What am I going to be like when I'm a real teacher? I'll need a box of kleenex on me at all times! How adorable is this? Awful quality but I had to share it with the world.

To Emily, have a nice Christmas, lots of love from ___.  Get some nice presents. I'm glad you're back.

Quite a rushed update, but there's so much happy joy goings on I had to post some snaps. The awful iPhone quality is owing to a lack of 4 AA batteries for my hybrid camera! I've a feeling that the next gadget I'll be splashing on is a Nikon D3200. Here's wishing!


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