Sunday, 15 December 2013

forget yesterday

I didn't like how my blog was going. I was writing tutorials on things I wasn't interested in, writing reviews of beauty products that I rarely use and forcing myself to follow what the rest of the blogging crowd did, so that more people would read my words.

It's hardly a life changing decision but I'm going to start sticking to my actual life here. Reflecting on what I've been doing, sharing things I enjoy and just posting whatever I like. Who knows? It might be a stroll in the country side. It might be a rant or a recipe- a new coat or a new attitude. Why spend time writing purely in hope of pleasing others when I can choose to satisfy my need to creatively express myself?

Don't get me wrong- I love reading beauty blogs, I love looking at other writer's muses and I'm guilty of a sly enjoyment of haul videos. But I don't really feel that writing that type of things is really me. Nor do I feel like writing philosophical posts on life is really my place. I guess we'll just see.


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