Friday, 20 December 2013

goodbye to the little ones | coffee with mother goose | pretty things

Today was the last day of helping at my local Primary school. Santa visited and popped in presents, musical statues was played and Christmas cards were swapped. It's absolutely lovely to see 20 little faces beam with the sound of bells from Father Christmas, especially when remembering my own childhood so well! I received another Christmas card which was particularly cute as the little beans don't know what to call me- the older children know me as Miss Jenkinson and the little ones as Emily, so I tend to get an amalgamation of the two in my cards!

 Mrs Emily and the hands of Mother Goose

After leaving early (they finished at half two today) myself and ma popped off to a cutesy little restaurant come coffee shop in the neighbouring village. Not that I needed a coffee- I was on about 4 per day when on placement!

Ma looking substantially more glamorous than me

Hair in desperate need of a cut and the fifth coffee of the day

We always have a coffee each and share some form of cake joy. Today it was an absolutely delicious fudge cake come brownie come slice of angel wings which I really need to ask the recipe for!

After that we popped out of the lovely eatery and went next door to a decoration/ arty/ generic pretty things shop reminding me of my desperation to finish my degree, do my teacher training and earn proper money so I can skip through Dunelm Mill buying extreme quantities of blankets and trinkets.

I don't know why I need doorknobs with bicycles on them for £5.25 a piece but I want them all. Now. 

These are definitely necessary in life. Who wouldn't find a use for spoons with the word 'love' indented on them? 

Ahhhh dreams of cream sofas with tartan rugs!

Then off we popped home after some mother and daughter bonding. I'm now sat on my cherished Mac wishing my photos were of better quality. Need me a compact DSLR! Maybe I should go and find the address of Santa from today and ask. Bye for now!



  1. Your photos are lovely quality! Really enjoyed reading this post xx

    1. That's really kind to say- thank you! xx

  2. I'd agree, beautiful quality photos and a wonderful blog too. Looking forward to see what you next post! xxx