Saturday, 21 December 2013

a walk in the park | oops we did coffee again!

Today Pa lent me his beautiful FujiFilm X10 to have a play around with. I'm desperate for my own higher level camera, and this one does pretty much everything I would like albeit without interchangeable lenses. It truly is the most handsome looking camera though- all vintage looking with a leather handle. The pictures came out very nice indeed which is very well as Ma and I went out on another little adventure. Today we went for a walk in a huge local park/ lake, and I went a bit snap happy. Naturally we had to replenish ourselves afterwards so we ended up in Starbucks. Oops! So, without further ado, here is a documentation of my first full day off in a long while!

After a week of getting up at an ungodly hour I had a dirty lie in which for me is about 9.30. First things first was snapping a picture of this beautiful star decoration that Mumma Bear always hangs from the lamps at the top of the stairs. Isn't it snazzy?

Up until about 2pm I was hard at work like the good university student I am. We have a 2000 word project due on the history of the English language so I cracked out a good chunk of that. Result!

Half two and it's about time to go out. I had to do a typical mirror shot just to show you how ruddy beautiful this camera is. Look at it. Mwah.

The park is pretty much this, with the odd bench duck and dog running frantically in a flurry of leaves. It's not as pretty this time of year but nothing a cheeky bit of iPhoto enhance feature can't fix! The leaves were surprisingly green and it was lovely to be immersed in nature in contrast to the busy hum of university life.

Mother bear wearing MY hat!

The gates closing into the humongous lake. Yeah aperture priority! 

Obligatory wellies and leaves photo.

Et moi!

Try and take a picture of weird looking mushrooms and this is what she does. My mother is bonkers!

The sun made an appearance!

Ma's photography skills. Not too shabby!

All this was topped off with a cheeky cappuccino at Starbucks. They had these mugs in large on sale and I had to claw my hands back from buying them.

Om nom nom nom raspberry and white chocolate cookie!

And that's that for today! Ma is cooking the dinner while I'm blogging away. We're off to deliver Christmas cards around the village after tea- a day well spent!



  1. your photography is lovely! lifestyle posts like this are my favourite to read. must be painful having essays to write over christmas - good luck!
    lily x

  2. Thank you! I'm learning :) I've just about finished it now, it's in 3 parts! x