Sunday, 22 June 2014

Tailors @ Warwick

Hello hello!

6 months since a previous post. So very shameful. I tend to find myself blogging once university is over, during the summer. I also find myself consistently thinking when out and about, cooking, or enjoying happy moments, 'wouldn't this make a great blog post?'. I am constantly reading up on my favourite blogs, envious of their consistency and effort in writing. Well here I am, having visited a truly lovely restaurant in Warwick with my very favourite person, making myself finally get back into something which I think of so often.

Without further ado, we discovered Tailors via TripAdvisor. We have planned for a while to visit the lovely little market town of Warwick, as I'm considering doing my postgraduate there. After getting my second year results back, my parents sent Dave and I a little pocket money to treat ourselves to dinner. We felt going to another Ask Italian wouldn't really do Warwick the justice it deserves. Tailors is a very cosy restaurant tucked into Market Square, which we managed to find after the realisation I'd typed in 'Market Street' to google maps. We were welcomed by one of two owners, who waited for lunch service, and seated in the window on our own little table. When I booked, I was asked if I had any allergies and was assured there weren't any peanuts- always good news! We went for the Lunch set menu, which for a fair price of £15 you receive a drink and two courses. Compare this to your average chain and it really is fantastic value.

We both had the same- Salmon followed by Steak. First off, il vino:

Considering how flustered and hot I was after thinking I'd booked a place at an imaginary restaurant, it went down nicely. This was followed by bread (pumpernickel and cheese) with salted and unsalted butters- all included!

The starter, as previously mentioned was 'Salmon Sandwiches'. So, so, so good. The dressing and various addendum on the side was marv.

Our mains were both steaks. There was an option to upgrade to fillet, but we stuck with the rump and were not disappointed. I had mine medium rare but regretted it- Dave's was beautiful and I missed out a little on tenderness. Still delicious though, particularly the chips on the side. We agreed it could have probably done with a sauce, though with the pricing of the menu we felt it was lovely as it was. 

The owner who served us was fantastic, giving us advice of where to look around the city. We visited St Mary's Church, which was beautiful, and also went on to a cute little deli called 'Barker's' to buy some cheese and bread for dinner (which, I had to add, was also scrummy).

We're now enjoying the end of our Sunday of freedom and cooking up a barbecue after having demolished the rest of last weeks chocolate cake. Truly full, truly grateful!

Until next time (whenever that might be),


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