Monday, 6 January 2014

being thankful

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This should really become a post written on a Thursday to provide the alliteration of a good blog- but hey ho, I've not been a bit of a naughty blogger lately. I've done a lot of reading but a very minimal quantity of writing, so I thought I'd attempt to begin a little series. A personal list of what I'm currently thankful for.

Though there is a lot of sucky stuff going on in the world, at the end of the day I think it really is important to step back and count your blessings. Without further ado:

+ My family. Having been at home lately and having this evening read a very teary post by Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter I've been reminded how grateful we all should be for the family we have. Both my Mum and Dad have done an incredible amount for me and I don't think I ever truly appreciate it. Parents often say that you can't completely understand that until you have your own little ones. I guess I'll wait and see!

+ Having my own little nest with my fellow person Dave. Having not the best time in halls in my first year of university and having said goodbye to my poppet for a little bit today makes me remember that I truly am very lucky to have a private place to call my own.

+ Having two jobs. I'm lucky enough to have part time jobs while at university meaning I can treat myself to little bits and bobs when I fancy them.

+ My health. There's enough suffering in the world to realise that not having any major health problems is something to cherish.

They're all quite generic, but I'm sure as I go along I'll be able to specialise!

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