Monday, 13 May 2013

On being a food snob

I’m pretty sure by now that I’ve made it clear I am a student. Therefore, if I’m conforming to the normal assumptions of student life, I should be living off baked beans and pots of supernoodles. Unfortunately, I just can’t live like that. Some may call it being a ‘food snob’, some may call it money wasted, but I just can’t bear the thought of basics sausages.
The thing is, I don’t understand why there is this assumption that because we’re living on budgets, we have to eat pretty yucky food. Maybe it’s because I really don't enjoy clubbing, and do not drink that much that I have more money to spend on yummyness. Maybe it’s because for me, food is one of the greatest pleasures of life. But I have made a decision that the one thing I refuse to skimp on is good food. So yes. I buy taste the difference sausages. I eat hummus. But I’d much rather spend a bit more on what’s going in my stomach and actually enjoy it, hence getting my money’s worth, than buy basics eggs, basics pork chops and basics vegetables and end up with a plate of food that tastes of nothing.
I think it was when I witnessed what my friend was eating for dinner that made me decide to write this- literally cheap beef mince and peas. If that makes you happy, fair enough- each to their own. But it bugs me when people laugh at your pot of tzatziki, or your blue cheese in the cupboard. Why is spending money on food any worse than spending £30 on a drunken night out? I’d much rather have the pleasant feeling of satisfaction from some tasty grub, than a nasty hangover. Meanwhile, unlike many who might say their best time at uni was that mental night out on the lash, the best time so far I’ve had at University was skiving a Critical Practice lecture to go to a Nigella book signing with two friends (followed by McDonalds, such a hypocrite).
So to sum up, if you’re a student, stop feeling guilty about eating hummus. And if you’re reading this as a non-student, you’re not the only one who really really loves Waitrose.
Ciao! :)

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