Sunday, 10 August 2014

York Part II

The long awaited sequel has finally arrived! York, day two. Essentially the day consisted of wandering, eating, and more wandering.

We scraped ourselves out of bed in the morning, taking ourselves close to the Shambles (a very, very, narrow street!) to Filmore and Union. It's a chain around Yorkshire, serving healthy breakfasts and juices.

Starting with a high fibre, high vitamin juice was all well and good, but sadly our breakfast wasn't particularly great. My order was wrong, and it took 45 minutes for it to arrive. Dave's was cold. We didn't have to pay for it because we complained, but wouldn't be going there again! Straight on further into the Shambles we went, with a beautiful view of York Minster:

Stopping to buy some fudge on the way!

We were tempted in by the claims that 'my fudge is like taking a bite out of an angel's face'. We bought two blocks, 'nuf said. Then onto a quick wander around the Minster- we sadly didn't take a tour inside due to limited time!

Then, the best part of the day: Betty's Cafe Tea Room. Betty's has been around since the 1920's and was originally based around a cruise ship tea room. It's not cheap, but the experience of having high tea at this place is truly second to none. You can't book, but the queue usually only takes about 20 minutes. Well worth the wait!

We went for afternoon tea for two. 

The tea arrived first- and we were very much ready for it!

It wasn't long, however, until our fabulously arranged tea arrived. Finger sandwiches, the best scone I've ever had, clotted cream, jam, and a mixture of more dainty cakes.

Fresh fruit tart, lemon macrōn, (or your spelling of choice!) and a coffee tirimisu style layered cake. The best of the three was definitely the tart!

With our faces full of the best afternoon tea we've ever had, we skipped along to the attached shop and bought their home blend of coffee, and plenty of tea bags.
After a walking that all off, we jumped on the train home. A very short break, but crammed with some very worthwhile plays and the best food we've had in a while! 

Have you visited York? Any recommendations for a return visit?


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